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by Kristy on October 1, 2012

Pinterest Waste of Time No More

Hey there! Welcome to Pinning Everyday. I’m happy to have you here. So I have this little addiction…starts with a “Pin” ends with an “terest”. :) I know I’m not alone in my love for this virtual pinboard site. Here’s the deal though, I always pin these fantastic ideas only to let them sit…and sit…and sit on one of my boards. Nothing was ever being created or implemented into my own life and so the time spent pinning these great ideas ended up being a waste of time. Sound familiar?

Why the name “Pinning Everyday”?


Well I figured I wasn’t alone in this and my fondness of Pinterest wasn’t fading anytime soon. So that is when I got the idea for Pinning Everyday. To inspire myself (and hopefully others) to put our Pinterest Pinboards In Motion! To learn a little bit more about me and what inspired me to start this blog check out the About page.

My goal for this site? To post something EVERYDAY that I did from Pinterest, so yes I will literally be “Pinning Everyday”. Ideas will actually be created, tested, and implemented in my own life, no longer sitting stagnant. I hope that you will join in on the fun!

pinterest P logo

Would love to have you follow me on Pinterest…you never know what I pin might just be posted about here next! 

Happy Pinning!


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