Using Egg Shells for Sensory Play

by Kristy on October 3, 2012

Egg Shell Play

Sensory play is a great way for toddlers to explore new textures, sensations, etc. Sensory play is also really fun for kids because they get to do something outside the norm, such as play with crunchy egg shells. This egg shell play idea was of course found via Pinterest.

Eggshells for Sensory Play:

What you will need:

– Egg shells, washed really well and air-dried (I used the leftover eggshells from making the Mini Frittatas Recipe.)

– Kitchen utensils (to stir, smash egg shells, etc.)

-Blanket (to sit on, and hopefully catch most of the mess)

– Toy trucks and cars (so your child can run over the cracked eggshells with them)

– Swim trunks/suit (optional- I like to hose off my son afterward and let him play in the water after we do messy play outside)

Then simply let ’em at it! :)

Eggshell Play

He was so curious what was in the bowl and quickly found that he loved the crunchy texture of the egg shells.

egg shell play1

I then showed him that he can smash the egg shells with the wooden spoon. This made him very excited.

Eggshell Play

Crushing the egg shells with his hands was another favorite play option.

egg shell play3

Then I told him to run over the egg shells with his toy monster truck. I’m sure he was thinking, “Run things over? OKAY!”

egg shell play5

This is him signing “eat”, asking if it is okay to eat the egg shells. Of course I said no. :)

egg shell play7

Once all of the egg shells were completely smashed beyond recognition he started pretend “cooking” with them by stirring and scooping.

Who knew egg shells could be such a fun sensory activity?

All in all it was a fun and easy way to do sensory play. My son played with the eggshells for a good hour, so also definitely an activity that will keep little ones busy.

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