Sensory Play with Cloud Dough

by Kristy on October 30, 2012

Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is a fun and cheap way to entertain your little ones. All you need is flour and baby oil, that’s it! Cloud dough has a light and smooth texture that can be formed into molds but can also be light and grainy like sand, which is why it is also referred to as Moon Sand. Kids can find hours of enjoyment out of it and the baby oil is a nice sensory experience not only because of the smell but because of the softness it adds to the dough.

Cloud Dough Recipe


Cloud Dough Recipe:

-2 cups Flour

– ¼ cup Baby-Oil

– cups, spoons, toys for molding and playing with the cloud dough

You can use more or less depending on how much cloud dough you think you will actually need. This was our first time making cloud dough so I opted to make a smaller amount than what I read on Pinterest.

This is an activity that I would recommend doing outside as it can get pretty messy. Which is probably why kids enjoy it so much…the messier the better, right? :) Clean up outside was pretty easy, I just hosed off the patio and washed the blanket.

Next step? Time to play with the cloud dough!

cloud dough molds

The cloud dough actually started in the container I mixed it in, but it was soon poured out by my son who was more interested in letting it be free and all over the patio. :) I showed him that he could make molds with it by using measuring spoons, he was more interested in letting his trucks ride through the cloud dough. So I just let him have fun and do his own thing.

Moon Sand

One of his favorite things to do with the cloud dough was to “make it snow” on his trucks. He did this for quite awhile. He seemed to like the feel of letting it slide and slip through his fingers.

sensory play with cloud dough

Making and playing with cloud dough was an overall fun sensory play experience and something that we look forward to doing again. You should definitely give it a try with your little ones!

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