How To Make A Thomas Cupcake Cake

by Kristy on October 16, 2012

Thomas Cupcake Cake

This past weekend was my little man’s 3rd birthday and he LOVES Thomas the Train so I knew I somehow wanted to incorporate that into his birthday cake but I also wanted to do something I knew would be easy. Then I remembered that I saw a cupcake cake on Pinterest awhile ago (not Thomas), and knew right then and there I was going to make a Thomas Cupcake Cake!

What is a cupcake cake?

Exactly what it sounds like. A cake made out of individual cupcakes by pushing the cupcakes together and frosting them together. I know that some people and professional bakers put gobs and gobs of frosting on to make it look like one solid cake but I went the easy route and used Betty Crocker frosting and wasn’t about to go out and buy another jar when I ran out. I also think it was more then enough frosting. :)

What you will need:

– 1 jar vanilla frosting (or make homemade frosting)

– 1 jar chocolate frosting (for train tracks, or make homemade frosting) *Note: you won’t use all of the chocolate frosting so keep your leftovers in the fridge.

– 1 box cake mix of your choice (I used Betty Crocker Devil’s Food, or make homemade)

– green food dye (to dye the vanilla frosting to make it look like grass)

– green sprinkles (to accentuate the “grass”, I used Wilton’s dark green sugar sprinkles)

– 1 zip-top baggie, with the tip of one corner cut off (to put the chocolate frosting in for the train tracks)

-Thomas toy train (I just used one that my son already had, but you can also buy one and it can be another birthday present.)

Thomas Cupcakes

Let’s get started!

Preheat your oven to 350°, or whatever your boxed cake mix instructions say.

Once cupcakes are finished baking let them cool completely before frosting.

Mix green food coloring into your vanilla frosting until you reach your desired color.

Frost cupcakes. I did mine separately and assembled them in a tight “circle” on a serving platter as I went along. At the end I took the remaining frosting and put it in the nooks and crannies that were left between the cupcakes to make it look more solid like a cake.

Add green sprinkles to bring out the “grassy” look.

Add some chocolate frosting into a zip-up baggie. Cut off a bottom corner of the bag to use for icing on the “railroad tracks”. I just did mine in a circle but you can do yours in any design you want.

Place the Thomas toy train on the tracks. Add a birthday message in the middle of the cake if you’d like.

Thomas Cupcake Cake

That’s it! A very simple way to make your little Thomas lover have an awesome birthday. Pull apart the cupcakes and enjoy! My son will gladly show you how it’s done. :)

Thomas Cake

Little one love Thomas? Make a Thomas cake at home, too!

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