23 Halloween Spider Crafts

by Kristy on October 19, 2012

Halloween Spider Crafts

Alright…I’ll admit it, I loathe spiders. They are creepy and crawly and ridding my house of them brings me much joy. There are however some cute and fun Halloween spider crafts that I have come across on Pinterest and around the web.(Did I just put cute and spider in the same sentence!?) So I figured I would make a round-up post of all of the Halloween spider crafts and Halloween spider web crafts that I have come across.

I just have to keep reminding myself that the spiders in these crafts aren’t real and I don’t need to go hunting for the best spider-killing shoe I can find. :) Enjoy, and try to not walk straight into the sticky spider webs. I have done that before and I’m sure I looked like a lunatic screaming and jumping to make sure I wasn’t about to die from a heart spider attack.

Halloween Spider Crafts:

1. Spider Web Embroidery Hoop. For all of you crafters out there, create a spider web doily complete with a fake creepy spider.

halloween spider crafts1(betz white)

2. Spider Web Table Runner. How cute is this Halloween-themed table runner? All you need is felt, fabric and a chunk of time to cut out the spider web design.

Halloween spider crafts2(The Crafty Cupboard)

3. Spider Web Balloons. This looks pretty awesome and the instructions are pretty simple as well. I think the added bonus to this is the spider is inside the balloon (making me feel safer.) :)

spider web balloon(craftycrafty.tv)

4. Dollar Store Halloween Spider Frame. What a frugal Halloween spider craft idea.

dollar store halloween spider frame craft(East Coast Mommy Blog)

5. Yarn Spider Web Frame. I like how simple this looks and love the green frame.

spider web frame

(Dana Made It)

6. Spray Painted Silver Spider. The rubber spider looked pretty creepy before its makeover and the silver spray paint gives it a more modern Halloween feel.

spray painted spider

(The V Spot Blog)

7. Beaded Spiderweb. This beaded spiderweb looks great when hung outside. I like how it looks like there are water drops on the web.

beaded spiderweb


  8. Finger Puppet Halloween Spider Craft. Isn’t this spider craft so cute? All you need is pipe cleaners, pom poms and googly eyes.

spider finger puppet(CraftJr.com)

 9. Coffee Filter Cobweb Garland. Decorate for Halloween on the cheap with this cobweb garland made out of coffee filters from the dollar store.

coffee filter web garland

(Mega Spooky)

10. Conker Spiderwebs Craft. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what a “conker” is? Although I don’t know exactly what it is, I know that this spider craft was put together using a lot of natural items from outside. Cool deal.

conker spiderweb craft

(The Imagination Tree)

11. Halloween Spider Lollipop Craft. This spider craft is not only adorable but very simple. All you will need is a lollipop, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and glue.

lollipop halloween spider craft


12. Halloween Rice Spiderweb Craft. This is something little ones would love to do. All you need is colored paper, glue and white rice. If my son makes this I’ll have him do it on black or orange paper for more of a Halloween-ish feel.

halloween rice spiderweb craft

(Thrifty Fun)

13. Halloween Spiderweb Marble Painting. This is a very creative spider craft using foil pie pans as the base, black construction paper, white paint, fake spiders, glue and marbles to roll around on the paper to make the “web”. Fun!


(Teacher Toms Blog)

14. Spiderweb Pumpkin. All you need is twine for the web around the pumpkin and plastic spiders.

spiderweb pumpkin

(Woman’s Day)

15. Halloween Spider Treat Bag. What a cute craft idea for a trick-or-treat bag.

Halloween spider treat bag


16. Paper Plate Spider Craft. How would you like to have your food served to you on top of a spider? These paper plate spiders are a cute and simple way to decorate your table for your next Halloween bash.

paper plate spiders


17. Painted Lunch Bag Spider Craft. Paint some lunch bags, add pipe cleaners for legs and googly eyes and you’ve got yourself a fun spider craft for kids.

lunch bag spider craft

(Little Wonders’ Days)

18. Beaded Spider Craft. Make a spider using nothing but beads and copper wire!

beaded spider

(Tatertots and Jello)

19. Halloween Handprint Spider Puppet Craft. The kiddos can make this fun and simple handprint spider craft. (Video tutorial included)

Halloween handprint spiders



20. Paper Cup Silly Spiders. Make these cute silly spiders with paper cups, pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

paper cup spiders

(Gone Bananas)

21. Paper Spider Webs. Check out these fancy paper spider webs.

paper spiderwebs

(A Fanciful Twist)

22. Creepy Halloween Spider Coasters. Spookify your table for Halloween with these spiderweb coasters.

creepy spiderweb coasters


23. Non-Spooky Spider Craft for Kids. Make this friendly spider with a pom pom, pipe cleaners, beads, and googly eyes.

Non-Spooky Spider Craft for Kids

(Crafts N Things For Children)

Another added treat, my little spider climbing the “web” at our local pumpkin patch. :)

climbing spider web

Do you feel your skin crawling after looking at all of these spider Halloween crafts, or is it just me? Eeek!


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Gone Bananas October 22, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Thanks for the link love! Getting the heebee geebees looking at all these spiders! :)


Felicia September 17, 2013 at 7:09 pm

Such adorable spiders! Love your homemade chocolate recipe!


Kristy September 17, 2013 at 8:31 pm

Thank you so much Felicia. :)


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