toilet paper roll pumpkin

TP Roll Pumpkin Craft

by Kristy on October 28, 2013

I love fall and I knew I wanted to craft a unique pumpkin. I also knew that I didn’t want to have to go to the store to get special crafting supplies so I used what I had on hand already at home. I saved several toilet paper rolls in our craft closet just in case there happened to be a craft idea in the future. Then the idea hit me, I would use the toilet paper rolls to make a pumpkin! My 4 year old wanted to do a “project” (this is what he calls arts and crafts), so I wanted to be able to include him in the TP Roll Pumpkin Craft as well.

TP Roll Pumpkin Craft

TP Roll Pumpkin Craft Supplies Needed:

  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Paint (We used Dollar Tree Kid’s Paint)
  • Paint Sponges/Brushes
  • Tape
  • Decorative Leaves (I bought mine at the Dollar Tree)-Optional
  • Glue (for the leaves)-Optional
  • Glitter Glue for the stem (bought from Dollar Tree)-Optional

TP Roll Pumpkin Craft Instructions

TP Roll Pumpkin Craft Instructions:

First paint your toilet paper rolls using a sponge brush or a regular paint brush (whatever you have on hand). I put my son in charge of helping with this part. You can paint them all orange or get creative like Tovi and do different colors or add your fingerprints to make a polka-dot pumpkin. We painted them at night and let them dry until the next day. This was just what we did. They dried pretty quickly and you can easily finish them the same day.

toilet paper roll pumpkin paintingOnce dry cut horizontally across the tp roll to make “rings”. Then make one cut on the rings to make them look like “C’s.

Leave one of the rings solid with no cuts. This will be the middle or core of your pumpkin.

Attach the painted “C” shaped rings to the middle pumpkin core and tape the top and bottom inside the ring until it seems secure. Repeat this step until you tape rings all the way around the core which will then give you a pumpkin.

Your pumpkin is almost complete! Now you need the stem. Cut off a skinnier “ring” off of an unpainted toilet paper roll. Pinch the ring at the top and bottom to make it look like a stem. Cut the bottom end and then tape it inside the pumpkin’s core.

Now to embellish your pumpkin you can add gold glitter glue to the pumpkin’s stem. Then add a couple of decorative leaves using white glue.

That’s it! Now you have cute and easy pumpkins to decorate with for Fall!

Let me know if you make this fun TP Roll Pumpkin Craft!