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Every Friday I will post a fashion idea that I found on Pinterest and since I am currently 30 weeks pregnant I thought that these tips for DIY Maternity clothes was pretty cool. I have a sewing machine that I got this past Christmas and maybe now is the time to put it to good use? :)

So all you sewing crafty ladies can save some moolah on your maternity wear with these great tips!

My favorite is the turning a regular tank top into a maternity tank top by adding elastic to the sides, great idea. I have a couple maternity tank tops from Old Navy that I love and would be fun to make my own.

Here is one that I have from Old Navy:

maternity tank top

They are pretty cheap I think and I have gotten plenty of wear out of them this Summer. However, if you have a tank top laying around somewhere that no longer fits from being pregnant, it could be a real money-saver for you to just convert it into a maternity tank yourself.

Thanks, Sew Like My Mom!

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